Author Topic: Substance Designer - Technical Support - How to zoom with a Wacom pen???  (Read 98 times)

I'm new to Substance Designer and I'm having a difficult time navigating the 3D view, 2D view, and graph with a Wacom pen. The documentation states that zooming can be done by either the mouse wheel or Alt + RMB. Yet when I try Alt + RMB with my pen, it drags a selection box instead of zooming in the graph view. If I do this in the 3D view it rotates the camera, and does nothing in the 2D view.

I'm using 2019.1.2 build 2391 (2019-07-02) on Windows 10. The Wacom driver that I'm using is 6.3.35-3. Both are up-to-date.

Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug with the current build?

I am using 2019.2.0  and Alt+RMB works both in 3d view and nodes pane.   Scaling in 3d view  stops working although once you too close to an object center so it's kind of not very convenient on flat plane  but it always been that way.    I would very much prefer WASD navigation

Alt + RMB working fine here.  Which button on the pen are you holding down?  The one toward the nib? or toward the eraser end? For me, it's working with the button closer to the nib.