Author Topic: corona multimap doesn't work with substance  (Read 1891 times)

I want to use substance materials with Corona multi map in order to clad a raiclone facade.

Every-time I place a material in corona multimap, the most recent material takes over all the slats that are occupied by a substance material.

moreover let's say I make a blue substance material, and then I disconnect this material. It seems to remain in the multi-map for some reason. Massive bug.

There's a huge list of issues with Corona and Substance, I wouldn't hold your breath for a fix for this in the next couple of years though. Just export images from the substance and use those.

Corona runs a conversion upon all objects in the 3ds Max scene into something it can handle. Depending on the renderer, we can make this smoother, but it will take time for each one.

We'll look at what's going on with Corona to see if there's something we can do for now.
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