Author Topic: Node similar to "copy to points from Houdini"  (Read 1812 times)

Hi everyone   :)

I wonder if there is the possibility to achieve something similar to this in SD. I already tried this with TileSampler and ShapeSplatter and it doesn't work.  The idea would be to copy a shape on precise locations provides by let's say a distribution map - as shown in the image.  Thank you :) 

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the tile sampler can do this fairly easily up to a graph resolution of 512. just put the x/y amount to the same value as your resolution and use the mask map to prevent shapes to show up that do not sit on the distribution map white pixels.

Thank you :)     it is such a simple solution.     It seems to be working.   It would still be cool to find a way to do this with Pixel Processor or FX map.

The tile sampler is an fxmap inside (right click / open reference).
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