Author Topic: Substance Plugin for 3ds Max 2018 <> Status  (Read 2665 times)

Dear Allegorithmic,

What is the development status of the Substance plugin for 3ds Max 2018+? There appears to be a wide variety of bugs / issues that users have reported - not the least of which concerns visual parity between .sbsar rendering and baked outputs - but I have not seen fixes submitted for many of these issues(?)

Is the plugin being updated to keep pace with newer versions of supported renderers, or is there not a large enough user base to warrant allocating dev time to the plugin?
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Is the Substance for 3ds Max plugin still being maintained /updated by the Allegorithmic Substance Integrations dev team?

A new collection was recently published to Substance Source, the contents of which are focused on archviz materials. Of course these materials would be tremendously helpful to work with in Max (Corona), but only if the plugin is stable.

Can we expect any incoming updates to address some of the previous concerns related to the plugin?

We are working on an update addressing some of the concerns, such as install location of the plugin, issues with Redshift, etc. Those are the things currently completed, we should look at Corona as well for it or perhaps the next release, depending on when we decide to make the cut for that.
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