Author Topic: Weird topology effect after subtraction with a blend node.  (Read 562 times)

Hi all!

I'm trying to create a stylised tile material, I'm at the stage of adding surface details and damage. I'm using a blend node with subtract but it's creating this weird topology effect. What causes this and how can I avoid it in the future?

The blend node has the background input un plugged: it can't inherit the bitdepth so it falls back to 8bit and it generates this banding artifact.

Make sure you always plug the background and foreground inputs of the blend node, and pay attention to the label below the node: L8 means Luminance 8bit, L16 means Luminance 16bit. You can also change the bitdepth on the node by setting the format to "absolute".

But if there is a 8bit conversation down the node chain, the missing data can't be retrieved by setting the bitdepth to 16bit afterward (it's like converting a photo to black&white, if you want to get the color back it's not possible).
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