Author Topic: Texture (Normal) diffrent in Unty  (Read 654 times)

When i transport the made textures from Substance Painter to Unity the Normal texture doesn't look like it was/is in Substance Painter. Its like the normals get smaller in side. I only have this problem when I use Metallic textures. I have tried everything , did the Unwrap 3x different. In Substance painter I changes the preference and did a "Bake mesh and bake texture. But there is no different to find. When exporting from Substance Painter, in the "Export Document I had select the "Unity 5 Standard specular"in the Configuration.

Does anyone know why and how this happens? Im out of options.
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In Unity's project browser select your texture files, then in the Inspector switch your compression to "None." The metallic/roughness maps get hit hard when it comes to compressing metals. Only metals, too. Everything else I've ever made looks fine with compression.

That it :D It works. Many thanks for your advice and time!!!