Author Topic: THE BROWN SPOT/PATCH  (Read 1990 times)

It has been a few days that i have been learning the basics of Substance Painter. But yesterday i faced a weird problem. When i import a mesh from Maya, it shows a brown spot/patch in the substance Material. The mesh is UVed, Basic material applied, followed all the steps neatly while importing the mesh into SP and baking the maps. No matter what, the brown Patch won't disappear. I am attaching the Screenshots below.....

The mesh modeled and Uved in Maya

Exported obj/fbx. Imported into substance painter. Even after baking the maps the lower portion of the mesh shows in brown.

The log

Absolutely clueless. PLEASE HELP

That's due to the environment lighting. Change the environment map and you'll see.

If you change the 2D view to just base color it wont be there.
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