Author Topic: Issues when baking normal map high-poly to low-poly geometry  (Read 201 times)

I work with Substance Painter 2019.2.0 and I am having some issues with baking the normal map for this lion statue I am making.
I keep getting the low-poly too much intesected with the high poly, and no amount of testing with the ray distance would fix it. Would appreciate any help.

This look like you may have an issue with the smoothing of either your low poly or high poly mesh. Make sure none of your edges are creased or hard.

Thank you for the pointer Jeremie, I did re-export the models and used a smoothing shader on them and it defenitley improved it, but there are still some seams showing. And I checked them again there were no sharp edges, yet still I have these last few hickups here. Maybe you have another idea to fix it ? :D
Here is another close-up of it.