Author Topic: Atlas Splitter node: auto crop works erratically  (Read 4050 times)

In the Atlas Splitter node, Auto crop works erratically.
- I have one atlas texture feeding 4 atlas splitter nodes. Each one selects a different element.
- There are 2 elements in the atlas, with similiar size.
-  When I activate the auto crop in all the 4 nodes, only one of those 2 is croped, but not always the same... When I close and open the project, the croped one may be different.

As you can see in the image, in this case the green one is being croped... If i close the project and reopen it, may be the same or may be the white the one wich is being croped. The other 2 nodes are never being croped (they are selecting smaller elements from the image).


Can you send me your data ? (by PM)

Also FYI, the autocrop option will crop according to the largest element in the input image.
So if the largest element is larger than half of the input, no crop will be performed. We do that so that all element keep there relative scale.

However I'll probably add an option to change this behavior.
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Hi! I didn't find how to attach the file in the PM, but here it is (with modified textues, as is from my work). The problem is with the two textures in the top left (the white and green rectangles).

"Also FYI, the autocrop option will crop according to the largest element in the input image."

Yes, but they are both similar, and some times one looks way bigger than the other (and is not always the same one).

"However I'll probably add an option to change this behavior."

Having that extra option would be very useful in some cases.

Thanks for the time and attention you pay to our issues!!! I'm very aware is not easy at all.
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Thanks for the package, but the bitmaps are actually missing..
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Ups! sorry for that. Now included the resources folder.

I've made some fixes and I've also added options related to the Crop. Here is a gif illustrating the change:

I'll integrate this changes in the next bug fix version (2019.2.1) but you can already test it (sbs attached).
Let me know if you still have issue and if this option suits your needs.
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Oh, wow! Thanks a lot! I'll test the .sbs