Author Topic: (Unsolved) How to change UV color?  (Read 693 times)

At work a bunch of us upgraded from 2017.x.x to 2018.1.2. I also upgraded to 2018.2.2 on my home machine tonight.

Here's the scenario in 2017:
I want to see the UVs for my object in the 2-D window. No problem. Just go to my 3-D window, click Scene>Display UVs in 2D View. Now I have some red UVs in my 2-D window, but what if I don't want red? In the 2-D window go to UV>UV Color.

Here's the problem in 2018:
The UV>UV Color option is moved and I have no idea where it went. I know it's moved because on my personal computer my UVs are blue which is how I left it in 2017, and on the two machines we have at work one has red UVs and the other has white UVs. That says to me you can still color your UVs in 2018.2.1/2 .... but where?
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Why are there no responses to these simple questions? Even from support? Are these forums not monitored? I am having the same problem ... and I have to spend way too long to figure out basic things that are hard to find, but shouldn't be. I really like the programs for their capability, but the support for these is, frankly, some of the worst/most inconsistent that I have seen among different 3D software companies. The capabilities don't mean anything if you can't teach or support the users to get all that they can get out of this. And if some attention is given to teaching or answering the questions of the users in the first few years, then after a while they'll take over and start helping each other. But as of now, the support is dismal. I've struggled with this for months before finally posting this, and I still hesitate to post this ... but I think it does need to be said. These programs could develop into having such a stronghold in the industry, but I really don't get how Allegorithmic intends to do this without a more coherent commitment to support. Honestly, there are so many times when I have questions, but now I even hesitate posting them b/c I know I'm not going to get an answer.

I just realized that this post is in the technical support section of the forum. Why have a technical support section, if there's no technical support, not even a response, provided to the questions? (This is not the first time I've posted "I have the same question and wish someone had answered it")

I'm going to necro-bump this. 2019.1.0 and still missing the UV color option.