Author Topic: Substance Plugin Released  (Read 27573 times)

This is a release for UE4.23 compatibility.

Download Link:

This update will be available through the UE4 Marketplace. Alternatively, the most recent version of the Substance in UE4 plugin source can be downloaded from the link above.
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Great! Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.

When can we get the update on Unreal Market?

When can we get the update on Unreal Market?

The package has been submitted to the marketplace, we're just waiting on it being verified and built on their end. This usually takes a day or 2 so should be up soon.

Thank you :)

Good new .. THX!

Is in the new release the Displacement Problem solved?
When using Substance Materials in Unreal, the Displacement never worked.

That's huge. Any updates on this?