Author Topic: Sci-Fi Metal Grill Flooring Substance Material  (Read 3848 times)

I wanted to show off my first substance product - a very versatile sci-fi grill flooring texture inspired by the aliens movies!

I've been working as a texture artist full time for a few years now. I picked up substance designer about a week ago and I can say it is a very intuitive tool for an experienced artist to use. Initially I wasn't getting the level of realism I am used to in Photoshop, but as I started to learn new techniques I was able to layer them very effectively. The workflow is actually much faster and less fiddly than Photoshop once you get into the spin of things. You just have to get into the procedural mindset and let go of that "fine detail" control that you had before.

I then started exposing my parameters and developed an interface for the end user to give them the maximum flexibility of uses. The nodal scripting interface is quite simple to use and I'm sure I can come up with some quite intricate uses for it soon.

The fact it's now possible to get 9 different 4096px texture maps down to a total of 2.2mb (this is hybrid substance, not 100% procedural) just blows me away really. Allegorithmic are going to revolutionise game development and accessibility in the future. I am very happy with the results. Maximum respect for Allegorithmic!

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Nice one! Cool presentation too!