Author Topic: Interface very tiny - DPI scaling - Painter 2019.2 - any idea ?  (Read 1036 times)


for Substance Painter I tried all Windows 10 DPI settings but nothing helps to ge a usable Painter UI. Either to small or to big or to blurry (seems so it still does either use 100% scaling or 200% and rounds the inbetween values of Window scaling to one of those).

But as far as I understood the info about QT 5.9 framework the issues are fixed in it, but Painter still does not scale on my machine to a usable value.

Am I missing some setting maybe?
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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Is this only happening in Substance Painter? What kind of monitor are you using?

You may already know, but if you go to Windows Display settings > Advanced scaling settings, Windows proposes to fix apps if they are blurry. Have you tried disabling it? Or changing to a custom scale?

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