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Is there an interface for scripting within SD? I want to create a placeholder substances/graphs from a list of names in a text file. Is this possible? Thanks.

There is no scripting API per say, but you can use the Batchtools that come with SD. These are command line tools that allow you to create graphs, plug input, generate outputs, etc. YOu can simply call these command line tools from your own script.

How do access the batch tools? Can I access the command line with C#? All I need to do is create a package and graph from a list of names in a text file, But publishing them also would be great. Can you provide an example? Thanks.

Hi Bryan,

There are samples, user guide and batch tool command icon to activate.
They are all in the Batch tool folder

I don't have a batch tools folder.

Edit: Ah! I see, separate download. ;)
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Jeremie, can I get a copy of your maxscript to use as a guide?

Edit: Ah! I see, separate download. ;)

Uhm, I still can't find it 8(
Only SD builds and game textures. Could you please post a link here?