Author Topic: Please Help/ Substance alchemist,designer,painter not working with ue4.  (Read 7829 times)

 I will first start off by saying I am very new to all this so please don't hate if I mention stuff I should already know, but I can't seem to find yet.

I have been messing around with substance alchemist,designer and painter, but once I have created/finished the texture/material, I export it in a sbsar file and import it into ue4.

The problem I have is as I am still very new to this when I put that material on an object or a 3d model I created in maya it just looks dull and has very low res and no parallax occlusion or anything to give it texture.

I might be totally missing some key points that I need to do, but do I need to add any extra nodes in the material on the ue4 editor or am I totally missing a few parts to making a material and having it turn out the way it should?

I am sorry for the long post, but I am so confused and hope someone could help.
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