Author Topic: Masking only color of a layer?  (Read 11374 times)

I've been handed a project that has several layers that have both color and height information painted into them. I would like to selectively mask out the color of these layers while still leaving the height information intact. The physical effect these layers are trying to create is like metal panels that have been etched and then the groves filled with paint. I need to simulate the look of the paint having worn away, but the etched grooves still being in place.

Is there any way to create a mask that affects only the color? Or is there a way to 'split' the layers into separate color and height info so that I can mask only one of them? Any other thoughts on how to accomplish this?


without seeing the actual setup.. i would try grouping the layers.. then duplicate the group.
turn the opacity of the diffuse channel on the bottom group to zero (this will become your height only data).. and on the upper group turn the height to zero (this will be your colour only data).
then you can mask this group (height set to zero) however you like as it should just be the color info
obviously you will need something underneath to reveal to.