Author Topic: Designer<->Painter Live Link?  (Read 4760 times)

Is there no live link between designer and painter?  I would think there would be since there is good support for external applications.  The best I've found so far is the resource updater in painter, but I cannot update the SAME resource with it.  Meaning, create material in designer, save and publish to sbsar and move to shelf in painter, apply to model with live link in UE4, want to make a change to the graph in designer and have it update AT LEAST in painter either on the fly or with a button click or two.  Unless I'm missing it?

OK, I figured out the button click method, after you have your mat in painter and you make a change in designer, save and republish in designer, then in right click the mat in painter, choose reload, then in resource updater update the outdated mat...that should do it.