Author Topic: 2019.2 takes forever to bake  (Read 15499 times)

It was ok in the previous version, but now, and while I see the speed improvement, it hangs forever at 57 %, on simple meshes, at curvature.
Maybe my old system (dual xeon 5650 on evga sr-2, 48gb though) is the cause, but I have very fast dual 1080ti's, so I don't know...

I tried disabling AO, but with no success.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Curvature has been slow for quite some time, it's just more apparent now that the AO bake is really fast. We are working on a new Curvature baker that should hopefully fix these issues.

Thanks for the info.

it is very slow for me as well.  I'm baking a 4k curvature map where the low and high poly are the same decimated mesh from Zbrush. 

i'm using a 2080ti and the normal, world space normal, occlusion and position all bake in several seconds.  the curvature takes almost 10 minutes.  I don't recall it being this slow in previous versions, but maybe I'm mistaken

The curvature baker is currently not GPU accelerated, which is why it's so much "slower" than the other baker. It takes however as much time as before, according to our tests.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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