Author Topic: Painter so laggy....until it freezes  (Read 2200 times)

Hi there,

unfortunately I am completely unable to try this masterpiece of software - as far as I can tell from watching the amazing tutorial videos again and again ;)

In Painter it takes about 3 sec. to select/deselect materials. Painting is just a "1 click action" with 3 sec. delay. "Strokes" are impossible. Shortly after clicking again on some button it completely hangs up on me ;(
All this on a single box with one 1k texture

Interesting the particle painting runs quite smooth, but way beyond the speed in the videos.
Logs and stats are attached, hope you guys can get this baby to work on everybody's computer soon.


I remember Mari was a slow creeping piece of software too in the beginning so I am confident that painter will run as smoothly in the future
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Could you attach your dxdiag file too please?

Hi Jeremie,

DxDiag file is attached to the first post.


My 2 cents: is a RAM swap problem.

You run a 64-bit box with 6GB of RAM... that is like running a 32-bit box with 2GB of RAM. I guess you have quite a lot of SW installed as well with a lot of processes running, so working with real time heavy renderings like the painter is killing your disk as well.

I'd suggest to go up by no less than 2 more GB, reaching the still minimalistic 8GB RAM figure.


Hi Pino,

thx for the tip. I know I am on the lower side of total memory and definitely going to buy some more.... but the specs for painter are:

OS: Windows 7 (64bit) / Windows 8 (64bit)
RAM: 2GB minimum - 4GB recommended
GPU: DX9 - DX10 - DX11 - Shader Model 3.0
Video Memory: 512MB minimum - 3GB recommended

So I am on the recommend side besides the graphic RAM.
The other famous texture software mentioned in the first post doesnt care for my specs and runs nice up to 4k textures with multiple UV tiles. But I don't want to compare ... I just want to try painter it looks just awesome ;)


Hey Axel,

I'm aware that you are within the specs, I'm just saying that usually the specs don't take into account the fact that one has many other sw installed and some even running.

Consider that every single action is logged for the UnDo system... *everything*, and that takes a lot of memory for sure. The UnDo history, BTW, explains why after a while it freezes.

Have you tried closing all other programs and ending the processes you don't need (antivirus on top of the list!)? I cannot test your config on my box but I can tell that I have on average 14GB free (and 8GB VRAM) hence I see no lags, it's flawless even with all post-processing effects active, so it has to be a problem related to low RAM.


Hey Pino,

I deactivated the AV and almost everything in the taskbar. Still cot 103 processes running although I don't know what is a normal number. Up to Painter I never had problems with lag or memory on 3D aps painting and rendering.

Painter freezes at my PC after 3-5 "clicks" so I guess its not the undo stack building up. What I noticed is that one core goes to 100% the moment painter freezes.

I bet the guys can fix the problem it just takes a couple of minor releases ... hopefully ;)


Looking at my RAM I agree that I need more^^

Hi Axel,

If that is the task manager while SP is frozen then I take it back, it's not a memory related issue... beats me... could be related to the specific video card and that's a nasty bug hunting... let's hope they pinpoint it rather quickly :)