Author Topic: Possible to get 2d view without lighting?  (Read 670 times)

sorry for the double post I'm still new and after watching most tutorials I'm still confused about one thing. When I export the texture using 2d viewer preset I get an awesome result. However, the baked in lighting is really throwing off my textures in the game I test these out in. I'd really love to get a texture that looks exactly like this but with no big bright lights baked into the model and throwing off the colors and lighting in game. 

Anyone got any suggestion on another preset I can use? Or what preset I can use to combine textures after? I try doing the base colour and roughness but when I overlay the roughness onto the texture none of the scraps and marks show up on the black. Seriously, please do talk to me like I'm an idiot because i am one.  :P I'm entirely new to this program and texturing and need a bit of hand holding to get me going.