Author Topic: Normal map, output inversion type  (Read 351 times)

HI all

I have a question. When I made a SBSAR in Substance Designer, I chose normal as OpenGL, and I used constant value lock to output SBSAR material balls.

When I create a new project in Substance Painter, normal map format selects OpenGL. I'm importing my OpenGL sbsar material ball,

After testing,
On the normal of the color space,
If I choose auto, the output normal map will be reversed to become the normal of DX
If I choose DX, the normal output will also reverse to DX
If I choose OpenGL, the normal output is correct, OpenGL
I want to figure out why auto and DX reversed the normal?

My other question is, if I download a material sphere from substance source and use it in SP, how do I output it in SP and make sure that its normal is OpenGL?

Super big thanks!