Author Topic: SP freezes when loading a new mesh  (Read 153 times)

I'm running into an issue where SP freezes the moment I bring a new mesh in (either from the new project dialog, or from the project configuration dialog). I'm exporting the meshes from Blender 2.80, but I'm running into issues with stuff from Maya and from the engine I'm using. It also doesn't matter if the file is an FBX or an OBJ, it fails either way. I also tried DAE, but the same issue persists.

I tried to reinstall the software, but no dice. I also tried installing older versions, and that didn't work either. Finally just to be sure, I erased my system drive and installed Windows 10 from scratch. I was able to make one project, after which it went back to freezing. This issue has me completely stumped!

Load a mesh either via the new project dialog, or load a new mesh in in the project configuration dialog.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Do you think you could send me both your project which you are having problems with and your mesh so I could try both re-importing and creating a new project on my side? You can either do it through Wetransfer, Drive or Dropbox and give me the link.

Valeria Gerontopoulos
QA Analyst

I can't send you any of the proper projects I'm working on for confidentiality reasons, but I did make a mesh that failed. I can't send you an spp because I'm unable to do anything after opening a model (such as saving)

FBX file:

Addendum: I can open files from other computers, but if I select a mask it freezes.


Sorry for the wait. I was trying to reproduce your issue, but no luck so far.

I do not think it is driver related, but have you tried updating and/or downgrading your Nvidia drivers to see if it makes any difference? You can find a list of all drivers here:

Are you storing your project(s) on a server/cloud? You would have probably mentioned it, but are you using remote access?

Are you on a multi-GPU setup?

What happens after SP freezes? Does it stay frozen indefinitely? If not, how long does it take it to unfreeze? If it crashes, could you attach your callstack as well? You should get it alongside your log by email when you check Send Additional Information box in the crash reporter window.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
QA Analyst

Sorry for the late response! Yeah I've tried updating/downgrading drivers, no luck. I'm not using a remote desktop, not doing cloud/server stuff.

The freeze lasts indefinitely - I left it overnight once to see if it would recover, and it did not. It doesn't crash; I have to manually kill it either through task manager, or by triggering windows' "The program has stopped responding" thinger.

Hi again,

I see your TDR is currently at 60 seconds. Could you change it back to 2 seconds? In case you need a reminder, that's how it is done: 

This will allows us to see whether the calculation is stuck in a loop.

Let me know if it is crashing instead of freezing with the 2 seconds!
Valeria Gerontopoulos
QA Analyst

I reduced the TDR to 2 seconds, and it's still frozen. No crash, unfortunately.