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 Hey Guys,
I have an old Substance thats a perpetual
But had been using the newer version because the old one cant use some substances etc. I had cancelled the newer one I was using but was wanting to continue it. I had it at 9.99 or whatever for 6 months and now it would be 19.95. I find no way whatsoever of doing this, am I just sol?
Only options I see are to spend $75 to ugrade my old license but really not sure if this brings it up to the current evrsion or what it doesa/ aother option I see is to just start a new license but then I dont know if I can just apply that to my current install or if I have to redownload and set up again.
Suggestion to add an option to renew a license that was recently cancelled.
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Just start another subscription?

 That might work. Maybe I should have also asked if I renew on the old Substance its offering at 9.95/m but will that upgrade to the new version because the newer SPSMs dont work w/ the older version of Substance Painter.
Do I have to pay the 75$ on the old one to bring it up to date
As you suggest my friend start a new license but then do I have to download a new Substance Painter and reinstall my resources or do I just switch licenses on my latest install and all i'm switching is the license number?
Thanks for answering. Trying to not have to reinstall my assets again.
What is confusing is that there is no option in my acct to restart that license that am currently using. Its listed under subs but not Licenses.
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 Thanks guys but never mind, just dont know what works of the optiuons I have and dont want to waste money.

Hi dimeolas,

Contact Allegorithmic directly with your question about bringing your perpetual up to date. They generally answer fairly quickly. The forums are hit and miss with this type of question. Post back what you find out for others.

Good luck!

 thank you, a very nice lady has answered. She suggests i get the Indie monthly and she will apply it to my latest version.

Good deal! :)