Author Topic: Inspire and removing a material  (Read 4003 times)

I am having nothing but issues with 8.1 and the inspire tab.  Like I can not get rid of the 1st material I stuck in there.  Can not remove by hitting the X.  Tried to run the whole work flow with adding photo for color extract.  This at least allows you to add a different material....but then reverts back the previous as soon as you hit generate. 

Is it me, or is it 8.1?   :o

OK..... Somehow this is linked to an imported folder under the local disk tab.  Once I deleted that.... it cleared out of the inspire tab.  Weird...must be a bug related to that.   AS that material I was attempting to delete out.. but the save in the local folder seems to have caused sticky fingers. 

There is indeed some situations were materials are kept in Inspire.
This is on our plans to optimize that part.

If you need to remove some variations generated with Inspire. You can use the "x" on each thumbnail or use the "Clear Variations buttons".

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