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Hi guys & dolls,

i try to export a shoe mesh from blender and import it to SP.
No matter what i do, the shoe mesh does not show up in SP.
I also tried to create a simple cube and import that one to SP. Same effect. black screen.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks for your hints in advance.

Please post a log file (Help -> Support -> Export Log).

You can also upload your mesh somewhere, I will check it out. Have you created UVs for your meshes? Just asking...

Thank you for your quick reply  :D

The shoes do have an UV map, the cube not
I tried it with a rigged dae, an unrigged dae and also an obj.

You can find the shoe-file (dae) i am trying to import to SP here:

AO (png) here:

Log file here (Log was written directly after the failed import):

Thank you!

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I couldn't import the DAE into SP, however, if I import it into Blender, export DAE without the armature, it loads into SP just fine. One point though, the materials are split, so you would end up with several maps, whereas you've put everything into 1 map, so personally, I would have 1 material with vertex colours splitting the material for use in SP in masking.
Here's an example of that, I've created one material, with vertex colours separating the previously assigned materials. Used this as an ID mask in SP with color selection masks.
Attached is the DAE i exported from Blender with this setup.
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Thank you so much!

This helped me a lot and i can go on with my project.

I have tried to bake textures. SP exports the pure maps.
What i need is to export the rendered texture (like shown in the picture) to be written into the color-map.
Is that possible?