Author Topic: Live link (Xolotl) not working (Maya)  (Read 8697 times)

Substance Painter Live link (Xolotl, version + Painter 2019.2.0) suddenly doesn't work anymore with Maya. It did work flawlessly, but doesn't work now on the same system.

I can send the mesh from Painter to Maya without problems (clicking the 'Send mesh from Source' button), but when I create the textures using the plugin, nothing happens in Maya. The textures are exported correctly into the specified directory, but no material is created in Maya, no textures linked, no error messages.

Modo doesn't work at all, I can't even send the mesh. When I try to send it, the plugin window in Painter just gets unresponsive, and I have to kill the entire application via task manager.

Plugin in installed correctly as far as I can tell in Painter and in Maya/ Modo, have repeated the installation multiple times already.

Newest plugin version (for Blender 2.8 yet only) works.

Maybe someone could give me any hint what the cause could be? I'm aware that there isn't much to go on here, but it might have happened to someone else. Thanks!

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My guess is it might need to be reinstalled if you changed something or installed an update to an app.

You might get a faster, more accurate answer if you go directly to the creator's Discord. You can message ymmanuel there. He usually answers fairly quickly.

Yes, thanks, I sent the mesh to the developer yesterday, waiting for an answer now.

Turns out it is a problem with a single project/ object, older projects and new ones created today work fine. No idea whats going on here, wasted an entire day trying to find out. Well, its just this single project (yet), so...