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So when I try to bake maps on my normal computer with a GTX780 graphics card/6BG of VRAM, I have issues in the log with the material_id, ambient occlusion, and thickness maps being created. I thought the requirements were GTX600 and above. When I try on my daughter's computer that has a 1050TI, I don't have the issues.

Do I have a wrong setting somewhere on my card, or can it just not handle those maps and I need to upgrade? Her computer only has 2GB of VRAM whereas mine has the aforementioned 6GB. I believe I have the most updated drivers (well beyond what are called for on the requirements), so I can only conclude unsupported card (although the requirements say otherwise) or a screwed up setting somewhere. Any ideas were I can find the settings needed if this card is supported? Or any idea what is going on? I'm sorry, I am new at this trying the trial version, but right now the program isn't cooperating with me.

What exactly happens when you bake those maps? Could you attach a log file?

Sorry about that. I was going to then got busy and forgot.
I just ran it using an unfinished model. They all seem to produce these errors.  Hope I did that right...

Basically they just don't bake with the rest of them.

EDIT: I just realized that this image says see log for the errors. I installed this on a different (D:) drive. How exactly do I find the logs? They are not where I would expect them.
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You can export the log through the Help menu

Thank you for helping me.

I've looked through the log relatively quickly and found that: MDL search dir path was not found 'c:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\mdl'. That path indeed does not exist for my video card. Right now I'm just going to assume its a video card issue and wait to try this further until I get a better video card. I've needed to upgrade for a while now. I am notoriously difficult in learning new things since I had a stroke, so I don't think I would have enough time to properly explore this program with just a trial. Once I get a new card I will try again. Thank you for the help in pointing me in the right direction.