Author Topic: Using Substance Source graphs screenshots in Research/Academics publications?  (Read 8065 times)

Would it be possible to display a screenshot of a procedural graph of a "substance source" material in a research/academic paper ? Not providing the ".sbs" file, just screenshot of some parts of the full graph (such that details are not revealed). Then, add more screenshot of other substance source materials in supplemental materials [e.g. a dedicated website], with samples coming from the free assets or the ones with subscription.
For instance, just to have an idea (see attached file):
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hi @SyArt

Most likely yes, but could you please email me at [my last name] (at) adobe (dot) com so I can put you in contact with the person at Allegorithmic in charge of those types of research cases ?

Thanks a lot
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thanks a lot Marion !