Author Topic: Substance source -Cinema 4D more than 2k?  (Read 9726 times)

I would like to use a substance shader from S. Source in 8k but I can't do that on Cinema 4D - the limitation is 2k.
Any solution ?

I remember Substance being locked to 2k with the CPU engine, and you had to switch to the GPU engine to go higher. I don't have Cinema 4D and I'm not sure I'm remembering that correctly, but it might be a good place to start until someone else answers.

Hi Amine,

You can open your materials in the Substance Player (it's a free tool you can download on our website) or in Substance Designer and export the channels from there in 8k
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Hi Marion,

how can you export from Substance Player in 8K?
On both engines (Direct3D 10 and SSE2) the maximum is 4K.

Thank you!


After checking again it is indeed only possible in substance Designer, sorry about that!

First change your parent size to 8k, second do a right click on the name of the sbs, then click on "Export Outputs as bitmaps".
There you will be able to choose the maps to export and the format you need them in
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