Author Topic: Some requests  (Read 1596 times)

Hi there! I just had some ideas for B2M. Maybe some of them are already available, not sure.

I think it would be great to generate "equalized" diffuse and height images to be used in Substance Painter (or Designer).
I will try to explain what I mean.
I currently need to paint some very lowpoly models, without having a hires source.

For this reason, what I am doing, is to find some good images that can be a good starting point to build a library of materials, to later paint these with the Projection Tool in Substance Painter.

These images first have to pass from B2M to create all the necessary outputs... but to properly build a library of highly reusable textures, I first go in photoshop and equalize the image doing the following:
- Remove the dominant color from the texture, meaning that the result will be highly desaturated, but not grayscale.
The resulting image, if reapplied with Linear Light on top of the original dominant color, will be the same (more or less).
- Being sure that the overall color is a gray [0.5, 0.5, 0.5]. Again, this is to ensure that the texture can blend nicely with whatever color I will decide to use, without brightening or darkening the result. This will also help generating height files in B2M that are homogeneous.

When this image has been processed this way, I go to B2M, generate the images, then run Designer, build a PBR metal/roughness substance, and import it back to Painter.

Now, wouldn't be cool if B2M could have the option to:
  • Remove a color from a texture
  • Equalize the texture in a way that the overall brightness is 50%, in both the baseColor and the Height maps
  • Export the maps directly to a substance

Hope that makes sense.