Author Topic: Changes to .glTF export configuration?  (Read 3245 times)

Hi there!

Just wanted to say, the .glTF exporter works great. We're using Substance Painter for this instead of Max or Blender.

Trouble is, my mesh name is not being saved in the map export. I don't see an existing configuration for .glTF in Substance Painter that I can modify. Is there somewhere I can edit the way this preset is configured as I would for VRAY, UE4, or Unity?

Ideally, I'd be able to modify the existing preset, or, it would be nice if there was an identical, user-configurable preset I could modify to add my model name in the filename.


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Right now the preset is not configurable. I'm moving your thread in the feature request forum. :)
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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