Author Topic: Bake - Cage problem  (Read 616 times)

Hi , whenever i want to take bake , some deteriorations happen . the question is how to fix it and here is photo that explain clearly :D sorry for master art

i dont know are they same or which one is happening btw

second issue about the same topic :

even if i reduce the min level of distance , deterioration still there . high version of model is full ok as low (matching) . and i used a bit marmoset and i could see cage distance . are there anything like that inside of substance painter ? it may fix my problem .

- The cage can work as in part (1) of your first image if you tweak it properly. You have to provide the cage mesh however. Substance Painter doesn't generate one.

- The ray distance unit is computed base don the scene bounding box. You can either tweak again your value until your find one that works for you, or disable the "relative to bounding box" setting which will switch to cm, but you will have to know the size of your asset to tweak the ray distance properly.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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