Author Topic: [RESOLVED] Parent Size Does Not Affect Height Map (Displacement)?  (Read 3973 times)

Adjusting parent size in a 'relative to parent' substance graph affects base color, roughness, and normal, but not height (displacement) using Phong tessellation (see attached)?

Editor Version
2019.1.2 build 2391 commit 4d33d48b Release (2019-07-02)

Cooker Format Version
3.0.0 commit 0x00000000

Engine Version [Direct3D 10]
7.0.0 commit 0xe6ccd6ec (2019-07-02)

Windows 10 (64-bit)
AMD Threadripper 2950x
64Gb Ram
GeForce Gtx 1070

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Is this related to the subdivision method used for displacement?

The node itself is probably set relative to input.
When a node uses relative to input has multiple inputs, it will use the input with the little dot in it. So in this case the height input.

I don't believe that is the issue. You can see the bitmap is being piped into 'cw_preview' - a custom preview node, similar to 'base material' - so the issue could be in 'cw_preview'. However, the issue persists regardless of whether 'base material' or 'cw_preview' is used to render in the 3D View.

Moreover, everything is being piped directly from the source bitmap, so it doesn't make sense why the base color, roughness, and normal are all being set correctly by the parent size drop-down menu, but not displacement.

I assume it has to do with the fact that the displacement resolution is being set by the tessellation settings in the shader, and not by the height map itself(?)
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Eggfruit is right, if you connect a 4096 map to the dotted connection you set the parent size for the next node to that resolution. This has nothing to do with tesselation or displacement. Check your bitmap input node, it is most likely set to absolute 4096, when it needs to be relative x1 or you need to set your custom node to something other then relative to input.

You were both right, the bitmap that was imported was set to 'absolute' and not 'relative to parent' - I'm not sure when that got flagged - but good to know the cause. Thank you for your patience and your help, I appreciate it :)
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