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Hi Substance,
We are developing a game which is completely based on Thermal, IR imaging. For that we want to buy substance. but before buying we just want to know that if substance can do thermal imaging effects, heat map generation as below example image. We want to make complete texturing in substance and then render in Unity3d.

Thank You for the suggestion.
Jung Lee.

Why don't you just use or write a shader that does this effect and make any rendered graphics appear like what you've shown? There are lots of resources on how to do this at a shader level. Most show colored ones, but just convert to gray scale for the same effect. You would still need textured objects to make it look good though which Painter is great at.
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Thank You for the suggestion.
As you said in our first attempt we have done just converting original texture to gray scale. But we thought it is not realistic. Then second attempt we did with unity shaders. Below is the result.

We are trying for more realistic methods. and also the objects temperature should change with respect to worlds temperature. So we are finding ways for implementation.

Make sure you're using 16bit for your grayscale, you'll get better range.

Otherwise you could create a custom heatmap texture in which you paint on the mesh directly which can be done in Painter, then use that to dictate your hot spots.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

it looks to me like its achievable in substance painter for sure, you could even make custom smart masks to quickly generate a bunch of assets that look like that.
Some of them kinda look like a mix of cavity (curvature) map and the thickness map and sort of an inverted AO map (which painter can bake) .
You'd have to do a lot of tweaking per asset to get it just right  (for example picture with car where engine and wheels are brighter would require custom painting in those areas)
But you could use the baked maps to do a lot of the work for you for sure. Your painting might just be general soft brush on the areas that are supposed to have heat and then your smart masks will do most of the detailing for you.
Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestions.