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this is the situation in Painter:

And this is the result in Unity 5:

In Unity 4 is a similar problem, only way darker.

Can you guys please tell me if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?
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BTW, if I go via Substance Designer using the Painter generated maps I get this in SD:

And this is the resulting substance in Unity 5 (legacy shader, the new one shows just dark):

No answers whatsoever??? Really??? Is this the product support forum or what?

To be honest  i don't understand what you are asking.
If you want to get your SP textures in to Unity 5 then from what i can see is that you are using the wrong shader and or export from Painter.
You might wanna take a look at this.
Its for unity 4 but still valid, and since this is an old video, it should be much better now. :D
this could also help

Anyway unity 5 is still in beta, hell you can even still vote on what PBR shader they are gonna use as a standard. so yeah. this all is the down side of using new software.  also
I guess, there will always be the need to adjust Shaders for different engines a little bit - shading is all about subtlety.



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@Ron: The shader is correct :) This is a Substance Painter support forum :) I have no problems using Substance Designer maps in Unity 4, but when it comes to Unity 5 there are problems as clearly shown in the pictures I posted above. Same mess with the new all-in-one Standard Shader and the legacy Bumped-Specular. Something is clearly wrong with those maps, evidently Unity 5 is quite different from Unity 4.

If I'm doing something wrong I'd like to know what the correct procedure is supposed to be.

BTW, this is how it looks in Unity 4:

Maps generated by Painter using the Untiy 5 export option will look very dark on a shader that is not PBR so the result you get when using a legacy shader is normal.
As with when using the new PBR Unity 5 shader, the way these shaders look depends a lot on the environment, especially when you use metals. You should try using the same environment map in both SP and Unity to be sure they actually don't match.

Hi Jeremie,

If I'm not getting this totally wrong, the Unity 5 Standard Shader is a PBR one. The result I get using it (shown in the first post) is so wrong that it cannot really be the GI, which BTW is quite similar if you look at the screenshots in my first post.

In UE4 (4.5.1) I get a quite good result as you can see here... I just expect the same in Unity 5  ???


First of all: this is a forum for support, but this does not mean you are going to get an answer within 2 or 3 hours.
If you want to make 100% sure to get an answer for your questions, you should write to

Regarding your problem:
- The Unity PBR shader uses a specific PBR model in the map assignations, so you should make sure you plug the maps correctly.
- Can you anyway send us your project so we can check it?

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Hi Nicholas,

Do you want the SP project, the Unity test scene or both?


Hi Nicholas,

Do you want the SP project, the Unity test scene or both?


Hi Pino,

The issue is that Unity 5 is PBR but it uses the Specular Gloss workflow and Substance Painter uses the metal / rough. We have a conversion export option for Unity 5. As mentioned above, you can't use the Unity 5 export preset maps with standard or legacy shaders in Unity. It needs to be the Standard shader in Unity 5. Also, the environment lighting plays a large role. In Unity, you need to use the same or similar environment map. You can go to the Substance Painter application>Resources>Shelf>allegorithmic>environments folder to find the exr files. You can import this into Unity, set it to be a cube map and create a cubemap material for this that is then assigned to the project settings.

We will be shipping an update to Painter with a PBR specular/Gloss shader which will work best with Unity 5.


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Hi Wes,

That makes sense indeed, I look forward to the update then :)