Author Topic: poly paint raycast select? hide polygon/UV islands  (Read 2932 times)

hi there

when using the masking tools ( paint brush or poly paint ) i always feel like im missing the ability to raycast select my polygons instead of using a rectangular marquee to poly paint. this would be much faster !!  it would be great to be able to select polygon loops like you would in maya or any other 3d app. this would be super handy !!

also i notice that the anti aliasing when using poly paint isnt as good as it could be and i often find myself having to blur the mask and use a levels to clamp the values again. but if i export the same type of poly painted mask/vertex colour from another app the anti aliasing is perfectly fine.

it would also be handy to have the ability to hide objects or polygon/UV islands some how either with a mask or just the option to turn off different areas of your mesh. i know you can turn off texture sets or make certain areas opaque but this isnt what im after.

I also am after the hide UV islands/geometry function.  I'm moving away from Mari to Painter and find this process very course and non dynamic.  It slows me down a bit.

Yes! Being able to hide UV islands/objects/poly's would be super helpful.

As a new user, coming from 3DCoat this is a huge timesaver.

I hope to see this in a future release.  ;D