Author Topic: [SOLVED]is there a way to convert a tile sampler into tile sampler color?  (Read 2912 times)

Everything is in the title.

I'm once again facing this problem: having a nice tile sampler set with all parameters nicely done... then I need a tile sample color for further operations on the color map and have to copy one by one all parameters present on the original black and white tile sampler...

(the same problem also apply for tile random or any other node with his BnW and color version).
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There is no "easy" way to do this because there are differences between parameters available in grayscale version and the color one.
But you can use this workaround :
- double click on your nice tile sampler in order to display its parameters 
- on the right of the title Instance Parameters, you have an option called : manage substance preset file
- click on it and choose 'Save preset file'
- now double click on your tile sampler color and do the same thing but this time choose 'Load preset file'
Your tile sampler color will have the same values as the grayscale one except for parameters unavailable in grayscale mode.

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Wow thanks a lot!

Never notices that preset file, a great help !!

You're welcome !

It was a good question because depending on how you build your graph, you may need this for several nodes.
I think it will be useful for other users :)
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