Author Topic: Should I seperate outputs?  (Read 1267 times)

I've noticed you can set a single output node to represent multiple purposes/maps.

If I have a height, bump, displacement output that is basically feeding from the same pipe......should I separate them out into different outputs? Or stack them into one output node?

Which is the better practice?

If I do stack them into one output node, what should I identify/label the output node as?
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It depends on the shader you intend to use them with in your game engine/renderer.  Also you would need a custom shader to view correctly in the SD 3D Viewport else retain separate outputs in order to view correctly.

eg:  The Alloy add-on for Unity has a shader that supports packed maps.  The output is called "packed" as a identifier/usage to allow you to view correctly with their SD shader in the SD 3D Viewport.  For situations like this you would not need to separate the outputs. 

I see, thanks  :D