Author Topic: Substance In Maya 2019 not working  (Read 11360 times)

Hello everyone !  :)
I installed my last student license of Maya, so 2019. And I wanted to try the substance plugin, and.. ..when I am in the hypershade, nothing happen when I call a substance node. i have any substance node.. :-X

And, when I click on the preference of Substance i have this message :
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2019/scripts/others/getPluginResource.mel line 66: Plug-in resource lookup failed, resource ("SubstancePlugin","kAECacheOutputNone") is not registered

Have you an idea about that ? ^^' maybe I missclicked something ?
Thx all !


Today, i had a Autodesk launcher with update, and purpose me an update to Maya 2019.2.
And, after, i went in plugins manager, and loaded / auto-loaded substance Plugins.

and… work !

Maya 2019.2 comes with the new plugin, which doesn't have that issue with the settings menu.

There were issues with the AE in the old plugin, these should be resolved now.
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Thanks for posting this solution. I just did a clean install of Maya LT 2019.2 then I read this and noticed the substance plugin is unticked for some reason... I ticked it and now it works fine.