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I currently have a 980 Ti card and I would like to get better performance from Substance Painter.  I'm thinking of getting a GTX 1060 or a GTX 1660 Ti card.  I would prefer the 1660 Ti but I'm not sure which card is more compatible with SP.  Can I get some opinions on whether I should go for a 1060 or a 1660 Ti?

Pick the most VRAM and the most CUDA cores for GPU rendering.

The GeForce GTX 1660 Ti includes 1,536 CUDA cores, 6GB of the latest GDDR6 memory
The GeForce  GTX 1060 includes 1,280 CUDA cores, 6GB GDDR5 memory

I would pick the GTX 1660 Ti based on the above.
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AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is best in market this time . i think you should go for it

I wont buy a card without CUDA.

I dont think you get much of a performance gain with that card stepping down from your 980Ti.
Get a 2070 would make much more sense.

If you want to play with Iray renderings at all, go with an Nvidia card.
If AMD, then Iray will run on your CPU.  It'll still work, but much slower.
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