Author Topic: Wood Floor (First Material)  (Read 13946 times)

I just finished my first own material which was supposed to be a wood floor for a living room:

Test in UE4:

Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!


Congrats for your first one ! It seems quite simple for a wood floor but you'll get better continuing practicing.

Here are some basic advice to start get it better :
-Try to get color variations between each planks (a quick search like "living room wood floor" on google image may help to see what i mean)
-Also a bit of color variation in each plank itself may be good.
-If you are using flood fill node you may use some flood fill random grayscale just a bit to break a little the heightmap.
-i don't know if you want some super clean surface or if you are triyng to achieve photorealism. It may be good to think the floor not as just wood but also what's coming with it like some dust on the surface or scratches.

This tutorial may help you to get better for detailing a wood material:

It inspire me when i was doing some wood floors material myself here:,27775.msg108602.html#msg108602

Hope it helps!