Author Topic: Substance Painter add a default material that is not in the scene  (Read 27 times)

Hi there I have a strange bug with the newest version of Substance painter. The default material appears even though all Meshes have a separate Material. Normally, I only get the default material when I forgot to assign a material to an object.
But there isn`t even a unused Material inside of Max...

These are my materials in 3DS Max:

This is what I get in Substance Painter

And it is applied to one of my meshes but only one part of it. They used to be separate in 3DS Max but I merged them and updated the UV map.

I checked the Material IDs, they only have 1. And I reassigned the material but still the default material is included.

This texture influences the part of the Mesh. For now I have the workaround to

I can work around this by just hiding the material. But it is strange none the less and probably annoying in bigger scenes.