Author Topic: Substance Painter add a default material that is not in the scene  (Read 995 times)

Hi there I have a strange bug with the newest version of Substance painter. The default material appears even though all Meshes have a separate Material. Normally, I only get the default material when I forgot to assign a material to an object.
But there isn`t even a unused Material inside of Max...

These are my materials in 3DS Max:

This is what I get in Substance Painter

And it is applied to one of my meshes but only one part of it. They used to be separate in 3DS Max but I merged them and updated the UV map.

I checked the Material IDs, they only have 1. And I reassigned the material but still the default material is included.

This texture influences the part of the Mesh. For now I have the workaround to

I can work around this by just hiding the material. But it is strange none the less and probably annoying in bigger scenes.

If you have "Default Material" in your Texture Set list that means we found polygons that either have a material without a name or don't even have a material assigned. In both case we create a material with this default name.

I suggest to check your mesh again by re-imported your file into a new 3DS Max scene or even via an other application (such as Blender) to be sure about what the file contains and not just rely on your source scene. Some specific 3DS Max objects may be converted as polygons during export.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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