Author Topic: How to use the Custom Pattern for the "Performance Fabric Soft" Material?  (Read 3791 times)

Hey, I downloaded the "Performance Fabric Soft" Material and want to use the Custom Pattern option but I have no idea how to us it. I put in the slot a colored and a greyscaled jpeg but nothing changed. So how to use it then?


You may want to add in the file or at least some images.

Hey pimphendriks,

you're right! I attached 2 pictures. I hope that makes it more clear.

thanks & cheers

Hi @UmbrellaSoftware

To use a custom pattern for this material you need to activate the pattern and the custom pattern in the "pattern" section of the properties before dropping your bitmap in the image input.

PO @ Allegorithmic

Hey Marion,

thanks alot, that works. Plus my input picture had too less contrast - so I hasn't saw a pattern.