Author Topic: Hardware upgrade for high end VFX work (multiple 4K UDIM)  (Read 5496 times)

Recently I got to work in some VFX projects and I need to handle very large models with very large number of texture sets that are separated by UDIMs.

I am able to handle this workflow, but it sometimes changing active texture set is laggy, and painting sometimes becomes very slow, not to mention loading the multi million poly model to iRay renderer.

I am currently using 1070ti with 8GB ram. My system memory is 32GB and I'm using Ryzen x2700.
I am considering upgrading my machine as I am paid to do this job.

What should I upgrade to get more performance for Substance Painter?

I am considering buying 2080ti, but that "only" has 11gb VRAM; Radeon VII would have 16.
I am constantly nearing the limit of system memory so upgrading that to 64gb should also make a difference, but which would be more?

I think upgrading your RAM first will go some ways. For reference, I'm working on projects with ~40 4k UDIM on an i7 5930k CPU - 64GB 2133Mhz RAM - 3x GTX 970s. Your CPU beats mine but I have a bit more RAM and VRAM.

Oh, wait, having more than one GPU can share the VRAM? For example if I buy another 1070ti I would get 16?

Hm, good question. I don't think so to be honest. I'm guessing I'm just using one of those 970s.

Oh I see. How much VRAM does one have? Does multiple cards benefit somehow?

Oh I see. How much VRAM does one have? Does multiple cards benefit somehow?

I don't think you'll gain any benefit from multiple cards. I have 8GB VRAM and I'm sometimes struggling. I would recommend more.

Yes so do I, even with 8GB I am sometimes struggling.
I wonder how Radeon VII would perform as it has 16GB