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Hey everyone, first post here!
Just bought SP yesterday after trying the Trial, and I must say I love it! keep it up guys!

So here is something I am working on, it's (as the title says) the Aluminum Mallard from Space Quest 3.
It's still in very early stages, the exterior modeling is almost done, and the interior is about 30% done.
But I had to try and texture already, so here is a little taste, hope you like it!

C&C are welcome.

PS. this was rendered with Vray since the there are two models in here.

I am not sure how to use the PBR textures in Vray so the reflection is way off.
here is a render with no reflection which looks a little better.
Anyone have any experience with this that can shed some light on this?

Also Added some wire frames of the model, if you are interested to see where this is going.

I can't stress enough how much I enjoy texturing with SP, it's a life saver!
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Interesting design! is it a derelict ship? Or just very dirty. (There should be a version of the car wash song, mentioning space cars. :P)

 Hey Käy,

This is not really my design, it is my take on the Aluminum Mallard spaceship from the very old game Space Quest 3.
It is indeed some sort of a derelict ship, as our hero Roger Wilco finds it in a huge garbage spaceship that he wakes up in
at the beginning of the game.
(one of my all time favorite game series since I played it as a kid).

Since the game is very very old the graphics at that time were minimal and simple
my goal is to make it as realistic as possible and ready for today game engines,
but still maintain the original design as much as possible.

Here are screenshots of the original (all from the game itself):
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Thanks for the screenshots! The design striked me as quite retro, but it matches the concepts youve shown quite well :)

Thank you, still a long way to go.
But I am learning allot.

I added some more screens of the original.
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Ha! How fun!  What a great idea for a retro upgrade.

I used to really love these games when I was a kid.

Looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing more...

This is great! I actually had this game way back when. :)

I loved space quest it had such slap stick humor.