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Hello Substance Forum,

I started using Substance Painter this year and have found it to be a powerful tool, but previously I was using 3DCoat and I noticed some features which I'm surprised haven't been implemented in Painter yet. If possible here are a few things I've noticed lacking:

  • A simple color picker. Not the material picker, I mean holding V to select the single channel color on screen, it makes hand painting almost impossible.
  • Being able to load reference images to sample colors from. The only option here is to awkwardly shrink the program window and sample outside the program, or load in an image as a texture and try and sample from the tiny preview image
  • Being able to mask with marquee's and such without it selecting whole polygons and rather painting straight rectangular lines on the map.
  • Hotkeys for orthographic camera views. There is an orthographic mode and you can snap to a view, but something akin to Blender's top/down/left/right ortho views as hotkeys or a widget would be nice
  • Sync with photoshop. Painter can export to photoshop but can't reimport the changes. 3DCoat can and it is quite helpful to be able to go back and forth, especially since I'm wanting to use photoshop to make up for the limitations in Painter like the color picker and such.
  • Being able to hide individual meshes. This may be my biggest gripe with Painter as I feel you shouldn't have to split your object into multiple materials just so you can hide certain objects. 3DCoat can do this and it helps a ton when painting. It just seems wasteful to split a mesh into 4-5 materials, which each gets multiple maps just so you can hide certain things.
  • Being able to have two colors that you switch between with X. You can switch between black and white when painting masks but for painting color on a paint layer you only have the color in the base color slot.

When I search google to see if Painter can do a thing I'm wanting, many of these features I've seen people asking for since 2014. I realize some like the photoshop sync may not be doable or desirable due to complexity but some of the basic things like color picking and hiding objects I would really appreciate as I really like Painter and realize how powerful it is, but when these workflow issues arise and simpler software already has it, it can be frustrating. A lot of these seem to be related to hand painting and while all the procedural things that Painter can do are great I feel hand painting is perhaps the one area Painter could learn the most from 3DCoat.

Thanks for reading my post, I really do enjoy Painter and if some of these changes were implemented it would help a lot for certain workflows.
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