Author Topic: Can't run substance painter 2019.2 on my system of 2gb vram what to do ?  (Read 1851 times)

[Engine Configuration] Export resolution clamped to 4k. More than 2GB of VRAM are required to allows 8k export (2010MB detected).

My system conf:
CPU :Intel Core i5 @ 1.60GHz
OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit

Graphics:Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)
              Intel UHD Graphics 620 (HP)
              2047MB NVIDIA GeForce MX130 (HP)   
              ForceWare version: 419.72
              SLI Disabled

RAM :     8.00GB

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2GB cards are not good enough for such tasks. You need to upgrade to at least 4GB. If you're on a laptop and it's not possible they you will need to upgrade your workstation.
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Please don't write in Caps-lock/Uppercase only. This is annoying to read and won't make us answer faster to your issue.

8K export requires 2.5 GB at minimum to be available, you GPU only has 2GB.
If you have other issues please describe them.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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