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Not sure if this is a bug or not.  I may be doing this incorrectly, im not sure.  I am trying to add an emissive input to an MDL.  I seem to get it working fine (works ok in substance designer), but when i Export I get an error.  Not sure what to do, i've trouble shot this for a few hours now and am getting no where.  Any info/help would be appreciated.

If you look at the images, you can see if I use a uniform color, great!  Works as expected.

If i connect the same node but as a variable, it fails to build when exported.  It does however look as expected in SD which is very confusing.  If it errors, shouldn't it not display correctly?

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I tested with Designer 2018.3.4 an Designer 2019.1.2 and I can't get this error so which version of Designer are you using ?
Can you try this :
- double click on the color node
- in type modifier parameter switch for uniform instead of auto
Can you export this way ?

If you still can't, please send me your graph (using private message if you prefer)

Thanks !
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Hrm, I just updated recently, but maybe I am out of date?  I have attached the "get info" (emission4.png).

When I say "Export" i mean "Export Module" (not sure if you are exporting the preset which i have not tested, but wouldn't help me, i need a module)

As you can see in the attachment (emission5.png), i did not have success switching to uniform.

In the image showing the framed emissive channel (emission6.png), this is my eventual goal.  I need to have a texture stream in there with some controls (tint / strength adjustment).  I figured finding the simplest example (color nodes) would help us find the solution faster but my end goal is a bit more complex and throws the same error as the exposed color node.

In the meantime, I will double check my substance account for a more "new" version of Substance Designer.

Thanks for the help