Author Topic: MDL Splitting Channels causes Hard Crash  (Read 582 times)

Hey Guys,

I am using substance designer for creating MDL's and am running into a problem I cant seem to solve.  For some reason when i use the Float 3 then use Float3.x, float3.y, float3.z to get at their individual properties it causes a hard crash on export.  I have struggled at this for several days now and am pretty sure im encountering a bug.  Unless im using something i shouldn't?  Maybe there is a better node to get the properties from?  I basically just want to rout an incoming input to control my roughness (red channel), metallic (green channel) and ambient (blue channel) through.  Any help here would be amazing.

If anyone else comes across this issue, there is a workaround which i have found.  Instead of using the float.x, float.y, float.z which are apparently bugged, use the float3@ (array lookup).  It will allow you to manually select which channel you want to output using an integer.  Feed it 0 for Red Channel, 1 for Green Channel, 2 for Blue Channel.  I have created an example, See attached.  The Red framed nodes will cause a crash as described above.  The green framed nodes are the workaround and do work.  Hopefully this saves others the hours i wasted debugging/figuring this out.

Hi Paul,

I tried what you did and I can reproduce the crash.
It will be reported to the team, we will do our best to fix in the next version.

Thanks !
QA Analyst