Author Topic: Add height/normal change to stack?  (Read 2642 times)

So is there a way to add some height information (say based on a mask) to my stack?  The bitmapToMaterial isn't really picking up an outer edge that should be a gap between tiles.  I tried doing something like adding paint with a mask, and then almost if you could do a negative height or negative air bubble.  Not really seeing another layer to do it. 

Hopefully that makes sense.


It's not possible yet. What you can do to add some information on your height map is to use two filters:
- Adjustments
- Height Modulation

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Thanks, I gave them a try but it really needs to be applied to a specific area.  Probably end up having to take it into Designer or something.

I would definitely say for the future having some sort of masking system would be incredibly powerful.  Even if it was just putting a mask map option, like the paint layer, on a majority of layers so that filters can be applied to user defined areas only.